Greek Town ©, 5" x 7", acrylic
Got a painting done today. Hooray! I was going to make it abstract, but since I have such a problem knowing when to quit and I have all kinds of abstracts laying around waiting to be finished, I did it somewhat realistic (at least, for me). I was experimenting with some new Golden paint ground I got the other day. It's called Micaceous Iron Oxide. It has a rough tooth and is awfully expensive and at first I thought maybe I got ripped. But the more I worked with it, the better I liked it. When you add a little water to the paint on the surface of the canvas, it does some nice things. It's probably hard on the brushes, but most of mine are pretty cheap. I'm going to try it with some paint and pastels next. I started another painting, but it's not going too well yet. It's a hummingbird with a couple of angel trumpet flowers. I'll get back to the abstract stuff once I clear my mind.

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