It was a long day in school today. Who would have thought a little tweak to my website would entail such agony. I tried to eliminate the clunkiness (if that's a word) by putting some of my paintings in a table, hopefully, with that "mouseover"? thing where it expands and you can see it a little more clearly. Wow! That wasn't easy. I finally figured out I had to create a separate page with the painting description, etc. and link to the the image on the computer...well, anyway it was quite a learning curve. I'll bet there's a simpler way to do it, but in the meantime I'm trying to get my shoulder unfrozen so I can't think about that now. I can be unbelievably OCD when I'm on the trail of a problem. I spent an hour doing yoga to get the kinks out, and even after a couple of glasses of wine, I'm still not altogether there. Tomorrow is another day, so I'll only spend a couple of hours on it (after I work out--promise to self). My brother called from Texas and said he got an electric bill from the landlord (apparently the electric bill is filtered through the manager of the apartment complex) and they raised his rate to almost $500 for electric for the month (for a 1/1 apartment). The tenants are up in arms because many can hardly afford the rent, let alone have someone raise the electric bill by over 100%. Geez, I know the economy is in trouble, but just maybe one of the main problems is due to greedy people from all levels of society. Enough already. I told him that Jerry and I would help to draft a letter to the owner of the complex and the tenants are working on confronting the problem in a number of ways, but perhaps it's time for us all to band together and fight corporate greed (and individual greed) wherever we encounter it. Maybe if I put on my thinking cap there's something in there for a painting....?

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