Well, today was a tough one. I'm really struggling with trying to set up this blog. I thought I'd go out of my mind trying to figure out the slideshow with Flickr. But I went and took a nap for a little while and when I got up it finally came. I had skipped through assigning an "alias" on the website, so it couldn't pull any of the photos off. Once I got that, everything fell into place. I really need to focus on doing things step by step. BTW, Flickr is totally amazing. On another note, I feel like I'm already falling down on my "daily paintings" vow, but setting up this internet tool also counts too (I think). It's amazing some of the websites out there and the organization of some artists I've seen. It's a learning and humbling experience. Well, tomorrow I'm going to do a painting and I'll work on some sketches tonight.

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