Happy 4th of July!

Had a nice visit with Sherre and her friend Martin. Sherre brought over a present for Marley--it's his birthday today--and a present for the new kitty and we had veggie dogs, baked beans and potato salad. We were talking so much that I forgot to serve the watermelon and the pie that she brought over before they left to go to the museum. Since they were in town, they decided to go to the Morse museum in Winter Park to see the Tiffany collection of stained glass. It was open to the public today and it's something to see if you've never been there. We later watched some of the HBO special on John Adams, which was really good, and I hope to see the whole series some day. We saw some good fireworks in the neighborhood when we took Marley for a walk . It's amazing that he doesn't seem the least bit afraid of all that noise. Our other golden retriever, Smokey, would have been so scared he would have hidden under the bed. I hope to get back on doing some painting tomorrow.

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