Killing boredom with the "internets"

Tropical storm Fay is worse today than it was yesterday. It's been non-stop rain and wind all day, which makes it kind of difficult to let Marley go out and do his thing. I know we need the rain, but, jeez, did we need to get a year's worth in two days? Jerry is draining the pool for the third time today. I spent a lot of time on the "internets" and can't help but wonder, "How did people survive without the internet in the old days?" It certainly kills a lot of boredom when you're rained in. I found some good tips for newbies to increase traffic to their blogs from Terry Whalin, a writer from Arizona. I certainly need all the help I can get and found this piece by Googling on how to find out who links to your site (see post below.) I know it sounds dumb, but I'm still mystified by the process. I wonder if it's because no one has linked to my site and if it happened perhaps it would become crystal clear :-) I'm also experimenting with a new blog on WordPress, but it hasn't gotten very far and seems quite complicated to set up. I love the Google tools and can't really complain, but I'm always curious about new tools and tend to get wrapped around the axle (and neglecting other things) trying to figure them out. I hope I can dredge up enough energy and drag myself away from the computer to go into my art room and finish a number of paintings in process. Somehow (surprise) nothing is working out.

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