"What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger"--Nietzsche

Searching for Sanity in a Brave New World, digital art

It certainly is hard to stick to my guns and use this blog only for artistic ideas when the world seems to be descending into chaos. Of course, the continuing meltdown in the U.S. financial system leaves a lot of uncertainty about whether the little bit of money I have in the bank will be there once the crooks get done with this. The idea of one day having to sleep under a bridge doesn't leave a lot of energy for creative pursuits, but I'm going to try anyway (and keep repeating the title of this blog over and over!) This digital art piece kind of sums up my feelings about the current state of affairs. I spent some time yesterday trying to do something with paint skins (leftover residue of acrylic paints on my palette). The piece isn't quite there, but if I can get over my depression about this nightmare our country is in, I'll drag myself into my art room and try to finish it off.

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