New artwork--Orchid altered photo/mixed media

Orchids, 9.75" x 6.75" mixed media, altered photo on illustration board
To break out of a creative slump, I got out one of my many art books, "The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery" by Karen Michel. It's got some good ideas and tips about using photo transfers, monoprinting and altered photos in mixed media pieces. Since I'm an expert at bad photography, I decided to alter some crummy pictures of orchids I took a while ago. It was kind of fun and here's the result. My light bulb moment!: If you break out of the mind set of being discouraged by imperfection, and try hard enough, you can sometimes achieve fairly good results. I've got plenty of bad pictures, so this could go on and on.


lzaleziii said...

Hey Gayle,
Very nice.

Gayle said...

Thanks Kathy. I hope to work on some more altered photos soon. It's kind of fun.