Will the real McCain please stand up?

"Oh, dear leader. I'd do anything to be President. Let me touch you and absorb some of your power."

There's been much talk lately of "Who's the Real Obama?" McCain would have us believe that he's an opportunistic Washington insider lacking the judgment and intelligence to run the country. And, oh by the way, he apparently sees "America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who would bomb their own country." Turnabout is fair play and I believe we have the right, no--the obligation, to find out "Who's the Real McCain?" The 10/16/08 issue of Rolling Stone has a hair-raising expose on John McCain which should be required reading for anyone who is undecided, contemplating voting the Republican ticket or thinking they'll just not vote because of the dirty tone of the race. Spend the time you'd devote to your favorite television program and absorb the information in this article (and make sure you pass it on to anyone else you can think of.) This race is far too important to blow off without a clear understanding of who the real John McCain is.


lzaleziii said...

That article is an eye opener. The caption under the picture is too funny.


Gayle said...

It certainly is! Our country is way too fragile to entrust to McCain/Palin. We so need a change--and Obama has to be it!