Time to set Marley free--or go nuts!

Marley, 2009, acrylic painting

It's amazing how obsessive I can become over a painting. I had 90% of this painting done in about two hours on Christmas Eve. It was going to be a surprise for Jerry on Christmas. He liked it the way it was but I felt I had to do something about the color of his fur, the texture of his fur, the background, etc. It went from decent to hell and back over and over again for a month. Finally, I said "enough." To maintain the last shreds of my sanity, I have to move on. God knows, it's not perfect. But the next painting may get a little closer to that elusive goal. (Ha!!)


Robin Hernandez said...

Gayle, I absolutely love this painting! What a perfect gift!

Gayle said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm hoping to work on some more animal portraits and try and loosen up and not obsess so over the details. This painting was really a learning experience in just letting go (finally)!