New Cat Painting

"Gradycakes" (as we like to call him)

Today was rainy and cold--maybe cool to upstate people :-)--and not good for much but surfing (way, way too long) and working on painting. I'm still working on painting fur. After my unsatisfying experience painting Marley, I wanted to try and capture Grady's silky coat. He's a short hair cat, but his fur is surprisingly soft and silky. I certainly have enough subjects around here to practice my fur painting techniques on, but I'm far and away more competent in picking up fur on the floor. Tomorrow is always another day.


marianne said...

i think that the fur looks good- nice texture. and the eyes are very nice!

Gayle said...

Thank you for your kind words Marianne. His eyes aren't that green, but I took some "artistic" liberties. :-)