Grady is ready for some tweets with his manicure

Today was a blur of blogging and painting and reading and blogging...really not much to show at all. We never even made it to the Y, which is usually my only claim to productivity. Sad. Thank God I don't "Twitter" because then my uselessness would be even more profound. That's why I got such a laugh out of Leonard Pittman's piece in the paper today about Twittering. Can we all just get over ourselves now, for once and for all, especially twittering Congressman who are tweeting while the country burns? Instead of the slogan "Uncle Sam Needs You," perhaps Pres. Obama should proclaim a new national slogan "Get a life! Tweets are for twits." It can't hurt.

I had to post this pix of Grady with his manicure. He's a sweet kitty with bad habits. He absolutely refuses to use scratching posts. We've tried numerous ones hoping we'll find something that will meet with his satisfaction. So far, the only thing he really likes is our bed. He's shredded it to pieces! Since I refuse to engage in the cruelty of having him declawed--they actually amputate the claw and end bones of each toe--I'm now manicuring him with Soft Paws. So far, they seem to be working and he doesn't have a problem with them at all. And he looks kind of cute.


Sophia said...

That is so cute. I've never seen a cat with a manicure before. I love the color!

I've got a Twitter account that I signed on for out of curiosity driven by the Lemming in me. I've used it only very rarely and to me it's not anywhere near as fun as Facebook. Facebook already has the same capability as Twitter. I will admit that Twitter made me feel like I was being self-important, but I've started to feel that the Internet is the new telephone. We've evolved into a new form of communication. Anyone that has a blog, Facebook page, autobiography, etc., can be said to have a little bit of ego, but I think it's just the human in us wanting to reach out to other humans, to make our spiritual connection more visible.

Gayle said...


I had to add the nail caps because of his bad habits, but he does look kind of cute :-)

I agree with you about the revolutionizing effect of the internet on personal communications. I love it! Being able to see so many talented artists by way of blogs, FB, etc.--it's mind-blowing. I guess the thing I don't understand, and it was really brought into sharp focus with the spectacle of all those Congressman "twittering" while Pres. Obama was speaking, is the desire to broadcast fleeting (and many times inane--I mean, how much depth can you get with 140 characters) thoughts 24/7. Doonsbury is doing some fantastic cartoons about this subject currently. I'm usually slow to catch on to technology, but I have my hands full with blogs, FB, websites, etc. I just hope I don't start twittering, or I’ll have an even harder time trying to do something other than staring at an electronic screen LOL. Thanks for commenting.