Almost got our house rented!

Woo Hoo! If everything goes okay, we'll have our house in Melbourne rented with a lease option soon. We spent nearly all day drawing up the lease and option paperwork. It certainly isn't as fun as painting and naturally I'm crying inside about not selling at the height of the market, but if all goes well, we'll have one less house to worry about and (eventually and hopefully) more time to do something enjoyable. I mean, I know being a landlord builds character, what with cleaning up after tenants and dealing with the inevitable crazies and remaining sane, but I think Jerry and I have beaten that dead horse long enough. Besides, the remaining sane part was becoming harder and harder to hold onto, especially after the last two tenants from hell. Perhaps one day we'll write a book on our years of experiences with crazy tenants (it would certainly be something most people wouldn't believe), but right now it's way past time to get on with our lives and have some fun.

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