Finished an oil portrait today!

I've reworked this painting of my next door neighbor's daughter, Sophia, countless times and I'm not going to continue. It's time to move on and try to overcome my obsessive compulsive tendencies once and for all. Tomorrow, onward and upward, I vow to finish another painting in my increasingly large collection of unfinished art. If I can commit to memory the three wabi-sabi principles--nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect--perhaps I can do this. I so admire artists who do their painting, declare it finished and never look back.


marianne said...

it's hard to decide when things are done- don't bew too hard on yourself- this looks great!

Gayle said...

Thanks Marianne. Now that I'm done agonizing over it I can say it was kind of fun!

Rachel said...

it looks finished to me! So beautiful-- we will treasure this picture every day. - your neighbor