Photoshop Quagmire

Image from "Start with a Scan" by Janet Ashford and John Odam

Trying to figure out how to create this cool effect in Photoshop today has been a waste. My brain is severely challenged when it comes to figuring out a lot of technology, especially Photoshop. The effect has something to do with channels, but I've tried over and over and can't seem to get the same see-through multi-color look. The book I got from the library is due tomorrow, so I'm rushing to get what I can out of it. It's got a lot of good ideas and I've enjoyed looking at the images, but it seems short on detailed instructions of how to get some of the effects. I'm going to check out this address that lists 70 websites devoted to Photoshop tutorials and see if I can figure it out when I have some time.

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marianne said...

thank you- i immedialtely saved the "70 sites" for some day in 2099 when i might have time to check them out! it's mostly trial & error around here- and learning from other blogs! have fun!