iPhone instead of a pencil?

iPhone or Blackberry? I've been thinking about that lately because I know we should get a new cell phone soon. I just found out ours is one of the highest rated (not in a good way) for radiation, plus it's ancient by cell phone standards and we've never liked it anyway, plus why not get one that does amusing things like surf the internet? The dilemma may be close to being solved after reading about David Hockney, who has turned his 4 month old iPhone into a drawing instrument, as many other artists are doing today. According to him "Blackberries are for secretaries and clerical workers while the iPhone is used by artistic people." Hmmmm. I guess the master has spoken and it sure will be hard to consider a Blackberry now. Ever the skeptic though (it's a curse) and as if his paintings aren't bringing in enough dough, I wonder if he's getting a commission from Apple?

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