Tiling and reorganzing chaos


We finally finished with the tiling/re-tiling and it looks fantastic! It took almost three weeks and was quite a disruption, but now that the dust has settled I feel it was worth it. Jose and his wife did a great job and worked very hard. We did two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the hall and the kitchen. With a dog and two house cats roaming around (and one outside cat that someone dumped), 100% tile is the only way to go. After organizing everything that was displaced, I'm now attempting to organize my art room so I can actually do some painting. I tend to get distracted with life in general (and the computer in particular), so I'm putting up a white board to write myself notes on instead of all those little yellow stickies that seem to disappear almost as fast as I scribble on them. I've been fearful of trying to show any of my work, but feel perhaps I could try some baby steps and show a painting in the Maitland Library with Kaye Calloway's class this December (hope I can find something presentable.)

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