Happy New Year--(Resolutions crashing and burning already)

As most everyone does after New Year, I'm trying to dig my way out of the mess that consumes my art room, office, etc. It always seems like such a good idea to "organize" but when it comes right down to it, it seems impossible to get rid of some of that junk. That cute bead I made with acrylic paint skins that never got incorporated into a necklace is now on my bulletin board, along with various and other sundry things. I hope the Christmas lights from the mantel I'm now draping onto the ceiling in my studio will give me a lift and new perspective during the coming year. I so envy people who can drum up New Year's resolutions lists--item by lengthy item--and stick to it. I'm apparently way too undisciplined.

On another note and to further complicate my lack of focus, a new library book came in the mail today--"The Art of Drawing People". Maybe this will help me attain my resolution to draw every day, especially people/portraits. And maybe I'll just look at the pretty pictures. I'll check out this blog later when I have time, but it looks interesting in that he's attempting to duplicate Rembrandt's heavy impasto technique on one of his self portraits.

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Caitriona Q said...

There is a difference between being organized and being messy. ;)