Life Drawing Workshop at Maitland Art Center

Went to a great life drawing workshop on Saturday at Maitland Art Center with Marianna Ross.  It was five hours and we had two models, male and female, with poses lasting from two to twenty minutes.  It was quite a workout and I'm still digesting all the info we got.  In fact, I used the little slide jacket I got in the workshop for a viewfinder when I went to my painting class on Tuesday and attempted to paint a small landscape of the MAC buildings.  It really does help to compose the picture (although I need a lot of help on various other sundries, including brush strokes, color, etc.)  I fiddled around in the computer with one of the drawings I did in the workshop with a paint brush taped to a dowel.  Amazing how much more interesting the computer can make things. (The models were wonderful though!)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your Website! its so inspiring! and its so feel good!

Gayle Bell said...

Thank you for such a nice compliment.