I'm sure glad I got some painting done this morning, because the afternoon brought the postman with a certified letter from the lunatics in the rental house. It was certainly hard to get back in the creative mood after reading her hateful diatribe. It's hard to believe a so-called "Christian"-type person could be so toxic. The tone of the letter and the horrible things she said about everyone from Jerry to the next door neighbor to the realtor and even the pool man were chilling. She has to be psychotic, although Jerry thinks it's an act. He called the prior landlord and, boy, did he get an earful. They were just the same to him--threatening, would not let him into his own house, late on the rent, etc. This is why we love having rental houses--Not! Thank God we don't have to deal with people like this all the time, or I'd be more insane than I am. Jerry insisted that we go down to the Y for a workout and I'm glad he did. In a little more calm mood, we got a letter done to go with a 3 day notice. I guess it's a trip to the lawyer's office tomorrow.

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