Today was a bust in the art room. Nothing turned out. I'll still work on them tomorrow, but my painting with the horse head transfer rubbed off, so I'm painting his head now. I guess it's good practice. My strappo fragment did come off nicely in a tub of water, though, so I'll try and finish the abstract with the other strappo piece on it. Somehow it's not too satisfying. I love a good abstract, but I sure have a hard time doing them. Just trying for a subconscious thing, like Mary Todd Beam does, and throwing the paint around and see what materializes doesn't seem to be working for me. I really like her paintings and wish I could resolve my abstracts like she does. Maybe tomorrow I'll load up that crappy painting with the pink pepto bismol(?) looking paint with gel like she does and see if I can salvage it.

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