About the only thing I can say about today is that I worked out (step class and a yoga class.)Jerry had another cold, so he didn't go with me to the Y. We've both had it twice now--hope this is it for the year. I worked some more on that painting with the strappo pieces and glued them down and added some red. Maybe I can post it tomorrow if I'm satisfied, but it's still not quite right. I also worked on that horrible "protest"-piece-pepto-bismol painting and it's becoming uglier and uglier. Oh well, no one said art had to be pretty, and in fact I've seen some pretty ugly stuff (even in books at Barnes and Noble). I can't remember the artist's name (must have blocked it out), but one book I picked up there had paintings of people's excrement! All done in horrible shades of brown mud (naturally). It was a huge, coffee table-type book. When I saw it at the store, I opened it up with excitement thinking I was about to discover a wonderful artist in the impressive tome. I about threw up. Why would someone paint something like that. It, quite honestly, borders on perversion. Hell, it might be outright perversion. Speaking of perversion, we're having a problem with the fundamentalist "Christians" renting our house. They're moving out, but refuse to let any prospective tenants in to see it. I wonder what they're hiding. And tonight the guy threatened Jerry with calling the police if he even tried to come over and do any maintenance. Wow! WWJD? I don't think he would do that. Anyway, if I can't get some ideas for paintings out of this, what will it take?

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