Butterflies, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2", acrylic, ink on paper

Finished this ACEO card and have several abstracts in process. I'm going to try and finish the portrait of Jerry and Seamus tomorrow, though. I have an Alice Neel book of portraits from the library and I hope some inspiration will rub off from it. Right now I'm struggling. Spent a large part of the day trying to find a new doctor that can do the treatment I'm considering. That was a waste, but what else do I have to do? (Ha Ha!) Tricare is such a pleasure to work with. You can never get a straight answer. From now on though it's all documented in letters, with copies to Bill Nelson--no more phone calls by the dozens and pleas to provide some help. Maybe that might help but I'm not holding my breath. Isn't this a great country where you have to fight for years with an insurance company to get the care you've been paying for all along?

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