The Perils of Procrastination

I was too tired to post anything yesterday after visits to the radiologist and the lab for blood work. It looks more and more like I might have to have surgery--not a happy thought. But, of course, I'm trying to banish this dawning awareness from my mind and focus on anything but health problems. I'm an expert at procrastination and I keep my skills sharp by working at it every day. On another subject, thanks to Diane Clancy for turning me onto an interesting site called MaraZine which offers a digital altered image workshop. Rima has a sort of contest where she presents a photo and anyone interested can participate and digitally manipulate it in a program, such as Photoshop, and then present it online for critiques and comments. Some of the bloggers who link up to this site are really talented and inspirational, too. The picture above is done from her photo of a lily pad. Don't ask me how it came about, because I can't possibly remember what I did. That's one of the elements of the "contest." You need to be able to explain how you came up with the image--steps, filters, etc. Since I'm a newbie at digital arts, I find this challenge could be a great learning experience. I hope to be able to slow my mouse down and focus long enough to actually write down the steps in case I come up with something good ;-)

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