Seamus, 16" x 12", acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas

Finished the portrait of Seamus. I can't say that I'm 100% satisfied with it, but I wanted to take something into the art meet-up tonight, so this was the closest I could get to a finished piece. I obsessed over it to a ridiculous degree. I might work on the face some more later, though--it seems to be going flat all the time. Perhaps some gel medium might give me some of the texture I'm looking for. Well, anyway, I like the background. We had a pretty good crowd at the meet-up and a lot of people showed their work--everything from abstract to super realistic. They seem to be a nice bunch of people and we had some good discussions about art happenings, techniques and how to actually sell some of our stuff. Bob Boynton is apparently making it and can hardly keep up with the demand for his paintings. It must be nice! He highly recommends and for exposure. Next month's assignment is to do a piece on something laying around the house. Hmmmm! That could be anything from my dog to a spatula. I'll have to start focusing.

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