Moon Dreams
I haven't had much time to fool around with paintings. I've been writing letters to insurance companies for coverage denied for health problems and Citizens insurance for cancelled home insurance for payments not received (but checks sent and cashed). It seems like our lives are dictated by greedy insurance companies, greedy bankers, greedy politicians, well...everywhere you look the common denominator seems to be greed. Let's wave the flag for the American way! Maybe it should be updated in red, white and green (with dollar signs for stars.)
I worked on another Photoshop painting. This one has a collage background I did recently with Sean/Little Grey (but now I'm thinking he might look more like an Earl Gray). I must get back to that website with the Photoshop tutorials and do another lesson. This one is a recycle of layer masks, but it's still fun to do and I'm learning as I make mistakes (which is often.) I need to work some more on feathering his edges and blending him in. Maybe I might have time eventually to take out the Photoshop book and figure out how to do that.
Tomorrow will be extra busy with a trip back to the rental to work, finishing and mailing insurance letters, calling insurance companies, trip to Lowe's for paint and supplies, on and on.
My brother in Corpus Christi was very excited about buying a house and getting out of his rental apartment, which he had been in for 10 years. How time flies! I hope everything works out and I'm very happy for him and Debra.

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