Today was harrowing and our plans to work on the rental were postponed due to the latest insurance crisis. We spent most of the morning on the phone trying to find out why, after paying almost $3,000, we didn't have insurance on our two rentals. Citizens Insurance had sent us a notice over the weekend that our binders on our new policies were cancelled, as of 6/15, because our premium had not been paid. When we tried to call the agent in Largo about it, who had cashed the checks, both of her phones were disconnected. The way things go, we figured she had made off with our money like countless other crooks you read about in the news around here. We ended up calling someone with the state fraud investigation office and they were going to open a case. Eventually, around noon, the agent's phone rang through and Jerry talked to her. She said her office had been hit by lightening and it took out phones in both offices. She had no idea why Citizens claimed they never got the premium, because she insisted she had sent it with all our paperwork. I know Citizens is trying to offload a lot of their policies and maybe this is one way they're trying to do it. Nothing would surprise me. Check out the latest article in Time about Florida:,9171,1821648,00.html Survival here is becoming tougher and tougher. Anyhow, we didn't need that kind of scare right now, but we finally got new binders. I was so fried after all that, I went to bed for almost two hours. I did stay up late last night, though (3 a.m.), reading blogs. There are so many good art blogs around and it's fascinating to see how other artists communicate, both with images and words. I'm going to add a couple of good ones to my blog that I found last night. There just aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with everything (and battle insurance companies.) Tonight I'll have to force myself to get to bed early and make up for all the lost painting and cleaning time tomorrow. Who needs to do artwork when you can fulfill your creative needs by cleaning other people's mess? :->

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