Hallelujah! Holy Rollers Ensure a Slot in Heaven

Before Holy Rollers (And After)

Haven't really felt like doing any art or posting anything since Friday and the appearance of the Deputy at our door with a summons to court from our prior "fundamentalist" tenants. Yep, they're taking us to court for return of their deposit. Aside from the fact that they beat us out of half a month's rent and left the house in need of extensive repairs, they're demanding we return all of their deposit because they left the house "in better condition than when we received it" and, presumably, it's their God-given right! Check out some of the evidence in the before and after pictures. Not only did they let the shrubs grow through the pool enclosure, they didn't change the air conditioner filters once in almost a year which lead to mold growing in the vents and will require expensive treatment. In spite of our letters and phone calls, they refused to turn on the lawn sprinkler during the drought and killed half of the lawn. They wouldn't let us into the garage to fix the sprinklers that they ran over with the lawn mower and broke and even called the Sheriff when we tried to do maintenance on the house (after notifying them several days in advance). They accused us, by certified letter, of being "greedy" (I guess because we were concerned about losing our lawn to their negligence) and "lurking" around the house.
I'm still uncovering the damages they inflicted. When we went over Saturday to do some work, half the slats fell out of the closet doors when I went to paint them. They had broken them and stuck them back in so it wasn't noticeable, just like they did with the broken refrigerator door retaining bracket, broken toilet seat, broken tiles in the kitchen, broken blinds, on and on.

Most sensible people would have been glad to have gotten out without being taken to court for damages, which we did consider. However, our feeling is that life is too short to hassle with idiots like that and "you win some, you lose some", whatever platitude you want to substitute. You have to wonder what's going through their minds. I guess their Jesus must not have taught them the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..Matthew 7:12. " That's so last century and obsolete now, I guess. I've heard all about today's popular "prosperity principle" being espoused by people like Joel Osteen, that God wants us to be rich (apparently at any cost.) However, the sense of entitlement these fundamentalists have under this new version of Christianity verges on indecency and it doesn't seem to jive with what Jesus said: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God..Matthew 19:24". Barbara Ehrenreich has an insightful piece on the new Christianity Light which should not be missed and is well worth reading and contemplating, especially if you happen to encounter any of these so-called Christians.
Trying to look on the bright side, I suppose we should give thanks for people like our prior tenants, and other unnamed and prominent fundamentalists, because we certainly won't be amassing any wealth after our run-in with them and should have a straight shot to heaven! Hallelujah!

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