Fay strikes!

Tropical Storm Fay came through today but didn't really amount to much here in Orlando. We're getting some fairly decent rain now, but didn't get much all day. I hear it was much worse in the Melbourne area and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our two rentals didn't get damaged, especially after we got through doing so much work on the recently vacated one. I spent a huge amount of time on the computer trying to figure things out on my website, checking out different blog listing sites, how to optimize the site, downloading a new browser (Firefox), on and on. Whew! I had no idea there was so much involved with setting up a site/blog on the computer and my mind is numb, along with my butt, from trying to digest all the information.

A note on Firefox, it does seem to be working out better than the MS Explorer web browser. I read a piece in Time magazine about it and figured "what the heck?" It's free and it seems to be living up to its reputation as stable and fast. Case in point, my computer didn't crash once today, unlike several times a day with Explorer. I've also noticed quite a bit of difference in download speed. So far, I'm happy with it, but it's another one of those learning curves. I certainly have a lot of them lately.

My sister helped me out this afternoon with putting some code in my website in order for Google to "authenticate" it for testing. She's also working on trying to beautify my site. Since she has a degree in computer science and also designs websites professionally, I'm sure she'll have much better luck than I have in making it look better. Hopefully tomorrow I can tear myself away from the computer and exercise and do some painting :-)

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