Still Life, 7.5" x 11", charcoal/acrylic on gessoed watercolor paper

I finally got around to doing a drawing like I vowed yesterday. I tried everything under the sun to avoid it, including working out in the sun for over two hours pulling weeds and attempting to tame the jungle in the back yard. After taking a nap, fiddling around with magazines, laundry, books, trying different still life arrangements, I forced myself into a commitment with this set up. It's no Picasso, like I hoped for, but at least I kept my promise! Hoorah! I hope to remember to start carrying my camera around to snap some ideas for later. And, oh yes, I need to carry my sketch book for sure. It's frustrating that there are so many ideas/colors/patterns for paintings floating around in my head when I'm almost asleep, but they somehow evaporate when I'm in front of a canvas.

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