Back to the Drawing Board

It's been a bleak couple of days in my art world. Nothing is jelling. I tried some experiments with keys--I thought the concept had so much potential--locks, secrets, safe, Cheney, the whole dichotomy issue (plus I had a bunch of keys laying around from god/God knows where), but that didn't pan out. In desperation, I tried working on a sketch I had started a while ago, but it was so dull with mind-numbingly horizontal/vertical lines, I almost fell asleep doing it. I had to Photoshop it to death to get something half-way stimulating. Anyway, it's back to the drawing board--literally. I must do some sketches first before I start throwing paint around. The abstract well in my head appears to be dry, so perhaps the concept of actually thinking things through before applying paint to canvas could work. Nothing else is. My impulsive nature doesn't like the idea, but it's time to focus!!! I spent a large part of the day looking for quotes to back up this sentiment (another stalling mechanism, I'm sure)--and I know I've seen it somewhere from an admired abstract artist, something about doing still lifes --but I couldn't find it. Suffice it to say, This Week I'll Sketch and Plan Before I Paint. Yeah, baby! A game plan!

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