Dog days of summer!

Blazing Florida Landscape (God, I wish it was October so I could go outside!), 15" x 30" acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas

I was so thankful I didn't have to go outside today in the 108 degree temp (at least it seemed that way) and pull weeds, or work on rentals, or mow the lawn, or whatever. It was totally miserable, and other than going out for a quick squirt of some wilting plants, I stayed blissfully indoors and caught up on some of my favorite blogs, e-mail and painting. I had a jar of Golden Acrylic Clear Tar Gel laying around that I had bought a while ago and decided to experiment. It didn't quite do what I had expected when I tried to drip it from the brush, so I put it into a bottle with a small nozzle and squeezed it out onto this painting I had in process. I think I'll study up on the process from Golden's website and see if I can improve my technique tomorrow. Their website does offer a lot of worthwhile ideas on using their products and which might prove inspirational for a painting. (I hope I don't sound like I'm advertising, but I do kind of like their paint.)


Linda Blondheim said...

Like you,i can't wait for fall to go out to paint.
Linda Blondheim

Gayle said...

I guess it's a good excuse to organize the art studio, sketch, resolve paintings, etc. BTW, your Florida paintings are gorgeous.