Feeling "crappy"* about your art? *edited by my saner half

If your drive to produce art starts bringing you down, as mine has lately, and you start wondering why you're putting yourself through the turmoil of it all, you must check out this piece I found on the Artistic Failure blog called The Nester.

The main argument in the piece is that since so few artists profit from their art in the "quasi-bourgeois" art scene, we have no obligations to conform to it and should reevaluate our artistic motivations and transform our approach to creativity. The author, Brennan Vance, sums up and suggests that we ask ourselves: "What do we want to get out of life, out of art? How can I use the latter as a means to achieve the former? We should attempt to create from a place where these types of questions guide us, while refusing to indulge an arts scene that is, for lack of better term, shit to begin with." After reading this piece, I'm sure you'll never look at the conundrum of art creation in quite the same way!

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