Rainy day cogitations

Acrylic on illustration board, 15" x 10"
After spending a large part of a rainy Saturday on computer stuff (again) and trying to figure out geeky things like pinging blogs, Technorati (which never seems to work), uploading Flickr pixs and fooling around with photos of paintings, I figured I deserved a little time for some light entertainment. So, after watching a funny Steve Carell movie, "Dan in Real Life," I sat down with Lewis Black's great new book "Me of Little Faith." He asks a pertinent question, and one that I've wondered about since I was a kid. "Do you need God to lead a spiritual life? I suppose so, if you're desperate for an authority figure who's invisible but can be tasted at communion. Can't you just practice what Jesus preaches and live a good and upright life? Isn't that spiritual enough? What if you did do that and because you didn't believe in God, he sent you to hell? Well, for me that would sure justify not believing in him in the first place, especially if he's going to be such a prick." Well spoken.

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