Are we all feeling secure now?

Salem Witch Trials, 1657,
by F. T. Merrill

I don't usually watch Bush's speeches (something about them makes me gag.) But tonight, I just had to see how well he did on the teleprompter spelling out how dire everything was and how we needed to hand over the paltry rest of our money (or is it China's) to his Wall Street cronies to save our economy. What do you know--he failed. He was sweating and nervous and (naturally) it didn't inspire much confidence. We were told that the bailout would probably not cost us anything and we might make a profit by buying up worthless paper and holding on to it until-----um, he's out of office? Somehow, let me dig deep into my rapidly evaporating brain cells, I think this sounds familiar. Didn't we hear the same thing about the Iraq war? It would pay for itself, we were told, with the oil from a free Iraq. And how did that turn out? The only thing that I gleaned from today's news is that we might have some possibility of success in extracting ourselves from this downward spiral if we elect McCain/Palin. Sarah Palin has got an inside track with the lord through her spiritual adviser, Pastor Muthee. Pastor Muthee has got a record of exorcising witches in Kenya (don't ask, don't tell how.) Maybe Palin could install him in the White House as the Secretary of Voodoo and we could rid Washington, once and for all, of the problems of "Big Government." (I just hope your mama isn't part of it, or she could go the way of Mama Jane!)

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