Dennis Kucinich--the true Democrat--and stealth politics as usual

Zen master, Grady, gives new meaning to phrase "basket case"

Please check out Dennis Kucinich, who seems to be one of the only politicians who is making any sense about alternatives to the financial bailout of Wall Street. He was on the Rachel Maddow show last night and, as usual, he appears to be the lone voice crying out for sanity in Washington. If only we had more like him in Congress.

And while the country was melting down last Friday and our attention was directed elsewhere, the Senate hotlined and passed the Orphan Works Bill unanimously. This bill will negatively affect the passive copyright protection that all types of artists currently have and amounts to another huge give-away to corporations. It goes to the House next. It's becoming exhausting trying to push back against the insane corruption in Washington, but we have to keep fighting. Sigh.....



I love "the basket case"! Also just signed the Orphan bill and sent info to another friend. Thanks for the heads up! ME

Gayle said...

He is a cutie, isn't he? Thanks for signing and passing on the Orphan bill.