Emmy Award nomination!: Gov. Palin (and her programmer)

Thankfully the bizarre performance of Sarah Palin in the “debate” is over after much hype. She didn’t lapse into blubbering incoherence, like many were hoping for or expecting, but her obvious programming was very strange indeed. I kept looking for the tell-tale box on her back like Bush had in his debate, but I’m sure they’ve improved the technology since then. Hey, if they can put a man on the moon, they can program a ditz with no visible means of support, right? Instead of answering the questions, as is normally expected in a debate, she kept repeating GOP talking points unrelated to the topic. Her forced jocularity was off-putting to say the least and not something most of expect to see in someone vying for the VP slot in a troubled nation. It was a grand performance in cheerleading for McCain, but do we really need another cheerleader with “executive” experience in the White House? We saw how that went and we’ve been trying to dig ourselves out from under the wreckage for the last few years. Here’s a funny take on last night's performance from Abbe. Good for a laugh!


lzaleziii said...

Palin headed the PTA, and she can see Russia from her shores! It leaves me speechless how so many are blinded by a couple gaffs she made during a Couric interview! Palin FOR PRESIDENT!


Gayle said...

It wasn't fair that the "liberal" media was practicing "gotcha journalism" with her. But, rest assured, with her rifle/machine gun/whatever skills she won't make the same mistake as Cheney and only inflict flesh wounds on the media/lawyers/or whoever steps on her toes. You betcha she'll practice a "preemptive strike" on anyone that gets in her way (with a cute grin, nod and wink, of course!)

lzaleziii said...

You got that right! We can take great solice knowing that if the great bear rears his head, Palin at the helm can shoulder the crisis. PALIN FOR PRESIDENT!