Fuzz Therapy for a Rocky Day

Grady and Orchids, digital art

Today was pretty depressing watching the little bit of my remaining IRA evaporate. It really is well past time to let the smart people run the country. If we could only find some. I'll put my cat up to the task any day. He looks like an Einstein compared to what's running around in Washington, blowing all our money on corporate fat cats. (Sorry to insult furry felines everywhere.) We went to the Maitland Art Show last Saturday night. It lasted until 10 p.m.--I think it was a first nighttime show. I loved it because it was cool, no sun beating down and causing more skin cancer, great moon out, lovely lake with a fountain and, oh yes, some great artists. Maybe the Winter Park Art Show will take a hint and do the same thing. We had a great time and I was inspired to do something, anything, paint, draw. One artist I really admired had painted a lovely grey cat, which reminded me of Grady. I really would have liked to splurge on it, but I'm afraid impulse shopping is long gone now. So, why not try to paint my own? This is one of the ideas I'm working on. Grady is totally obsessed with a couple of blooming orchids I brought into the house and set on the fireplace mantel. He stares at them incessantly and has been trying to figure out how to get up there and eat them, so that's why I included them. Don't know how it would look in paint once I get through with it, but it might be worth a try.

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