New World Order Coming Soon?

New World Order, mixed media, 8" x 10" on canvas
If you're wondering about the world-wide financial collapse and where it might end, you might want to check out the dandelionsalad blog and Naomi Wolf's interview. She builds a pretty strong case that our country is now under a coup. According to her, the administration's Oct. 1st deployment of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team here in the U.S. completes the ten steps required for a fascist framework of control in our country. In light of her thesis, I'm curious whether the bail-out money rushed through Congress might be used to further destabilize and manipulate the markets and create the "state of emergency" required to implement "martial law." So far, the only thing we've seen A.B. (after bailout) is "too big to fail" financial institutions becoming even bigger and consolidating more power and the world monetary system collapsing under fear, confusion and chaos. I can't help but wonder whether these global troubled banks will "help" each other out and further consolidate into ungodly powerhouses and the Bilderberg Group will finally get their long dreamed wish for a New World Order. Is it coincidence that the Bilderberg Group's last meeting in Chantilly, Virginia in June 2008 was attended by Henry Paulson, Condi Rice, Robert Gates and Paul Wolfowitz? Conspiracy theories are usually ridiculed for good reason, but in this case it appears there might be some merit for concern.

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