Dewey Readmore Books is a Christmas Blessing

"Dewey Readmore Books," the resident library cat in Spencer, Iowa

Is this an adorable cat or what? I've been reading the book "Dewey," by Vicki Myron,which is a true story about a cat abandoned in a book drop at a library in a small town in Iowa. The book has been a marvelous antidote to help me cope with the craziness of the season. I apparently have a lot of company as I noticed yesterday it's number 3 on the bestseller list for non-fiction. Okay, I admit I bought it as a Christmas present for another cat lover and couldn't resist the urge to peek between the covers. I was instantly hooked by his story and personality and the people who loved him in Spencer, Iowa. I know it will have a sad ending, but I'm going to enjoy his life story and spirit and be thankful for cats and those that love them!

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