Abstract painting--mixed media, graphite, ink and acrylic paint

Mixed media, "Cat hair on the carpet in the full moon"

Today was beautiful--clear and cool (almost cold!) Finally made my way into the art room to varnish some paintings I had laying around. I'm sure I can do this, I thought. It was kind of fun and I was wondering why I had never bothered to varnish paintings before. It really brings out the color and lends an air of finality to the paintings (perhaps), it's mindless and, therefore, not an anxiety-producing event like painting can sometimes be (I know, I know--I'm nuts!) It led to attempting to finish a sketch/painting I had done a couple of weeks before. I added graphite and some ink to the painting and--be still my beating heart--it's done! Heck, it's only an entry in my sketchbook--can't spend my life on it! :-)

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