New sketch--Roses and cat

Roses and Grady, mixed media

I was hoping to finish the portrait I did of Marley for Jerry's Christmas present. It needs a few little tweaks before I'm going to be satisfied with it (naturally), but I just didn't feel like tackling it tonight. It may be of the verge of being ruined if I do too much to it, yet I'm not happy with his mouth and fur yet. So I decided to do a sketch of the flowers Jerry gave me for Christmas. I was hoping for a Picasso-type look, but didn't quite get there (might as well aim high!) I took some creative license and only painted five of the dozen flowers he gave me and it didn't seem complete without Grady in the window looking for birds.


lzaleziii said...

This turned out very nice. I think it's kind of Picassoish. I like how Grady looks in the background peering off somewhere unseen in the background.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the compliment, Kathy. Since Grady seemed fascinated by the flowers and had been trying to eat them repeatedly, and even dumped over the vase, I felt he needed to be in the painting.