Our neighbor's European art show a success!

Our neighbor, Giuseppe Corazzina, just returned from Italy after being away for several months. While there, he had a very successful showing of his artwork and sold eight paintings. He was kind enough to drop off his gorgeous catalogue from the show and Jerry and I have been admiring his paintings ever since. He works mainly in acrylics in an abstract expressionistic style with strong, saturated colors and a wonderful sense of design, but is so talented and versatile that he also does fresco and murals. Check out his website to be truly inspired.

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Jenny Lasslett said...

This is so nice to hear. He was my professor when I was at SCC a long while ago. Thanks to him I now truly appreciate the beauty of forms and color and can more emotionally connect with my surroundings. I feel honored to have had him as my professor and to be given the opportunity to be guided in art by his knowledge.