Round Two: New Year's Resolutions!

Stacey Peterson,"Trinchera Morning"

Okay, I admit I was a little disappointed that my New Year's Resolutions failed by day two, but I was energized reading Stacey Peterson's blog (and admiring her lovely landscapes, above) and figured I could give it another try. So here goes:
  1. Literature: Read my great, great grandfather Beman Brockway's book "Fifty Years In Journalism..". It's sad to think my sister gave me this book one (or was it two?) years ago for Christmas and I still haven't read it. Jerry read it and said it was really interesting since my grandfather had a front row seat to our country's early history. From the formation of the Republican party (which isn't like the party of today) to his meetings with Abraham Lincoln, he wrote about it for the Watertown Daily Times, which he owned. As much as I love the written word, the history of our country and the greatest president of all times, it's unconscionable to think that I haven't read this book yet. If I break all my resolutions, I won't break this one! (I would also like to read/listen to one classic book a month!)
  2. Learn French (at least the basics) and visit Canada. I've been attempting to learn French off and on for a long time. Our neighbors speak fluent French, so why not attempt to converse in francaise? Our library, the Orlando Public Library, has on-line lessons in various languages and it would be silly not to take advantage of it (Mango Languages.)
  3. Art: Do more! Sketches—two detailed a week; paintings--complete two a month (varnished/signed, etc.)
  4. Website—Revise/update and maintain. Learn HTML/CSS. (Get a new computer? hopefully?)
  5. Clean garage/organize into mosaic/stained glass workshop.
  6. Yoga: Do more! 3 or more classes/practices a week--and practice more meditation.
  7. Charity: Devote at least 8 hrs. a month to favorite charity. (Cats? Literacy?)
I'm not sure if I should make this an even 10 like Letterman's "Top 10." I guess that way as I fail one or another I'll have something else to try for ;-) Oh well, right now it's a lucky seven!


lzaleziii said...

Hey Gayle,
I too, have procrastinated about reading “50 Years in Journalism”, but have finally started it and although kind of slow at the start it is a fascinating read. I’m a little more than half way through, and plan to finish it over the next couple of days. Where's Marley?

Gayle said...

Oh boy, yesterday didn't go well. Do you know I worked on Marley almost all day yesterday, agonizing and working and reworking and obsessing over that painting. It was totally frustrating and now it looks like CRAP! I had 90% of the painting done in the first couple of hours and only needed to refine some of the details--it got totally out of hand. Maybe tomorrow I can pull it out of the trash can and fix it! Ha! Ha!