eBooks, art and website mysteries

I finally did it! I checked out an "eBook" from the library. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal to probably most people today, but somehow I had zoned out on the availability of these "newfangled" electronic books. It's not quite the same--curling up with a book on the computer (especially since I don't have a laptop)--but it may just force me to finally make a decision on a new computer. Trying to come to a decision and commit to one of the infinite varieties of configurations available seems mind-boggling to me for some reason. But the time is coming soon--very soon! The book I checked out is called "101 Ways to Promote Your Website" by Susan Sweeney. The book is stuffed with information and, I must admit, the first couple of chapters induced a brain meltdown that I'm still trying to recover from. I may just have to buy the book because it's going to take quite a while for all the info to sink in. Maybe it's hopeless for me to even try and understand the workings of a website, html, CSS, optimization, etc. And if I ever could figure it out, when will I have time to paint, draw, photograph, produce stuff to put on a website? It certainly fills up the day trying to figure out what I'm doing!!

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