I <3 Jess's collages! Great Valentine's gift.

Jess collage

We had a nice (and busy) Valentine's weekend. Friday we went to a couple of art openings and Saturday we went to Cornell Art Museum at Rollins College and saw the exhibition of Jess's collages. Totally mind-blowing and the highlight of the weekend. We spent most of the day today working--Jerry worked on the yard while I tried to clean up my art room. I'm beginning to see some progress in that jungle and just maybe I'll have some breathing room to actually do some doodling/painting.


marianne said...

thanks for today's lesson. interesting collages, and intersting to see that sort of work discussed as serious art. people don't always seem open to that.

Gayle said...

Amazing to think he did all this in the 1950s with existing magazines, books, knife and glue. Imagine what he could have done with Photoshop.