Painting abstract landscapes with dried paints

"Beidler Forest #5" by Micah Mullen

I found an interesting artist today, Micah Mullen, and spent quite a bit of time on his website admiring his abstracted landscapes. I like his textured patterns and colors which somehow resolve into a surrealist-type landscape. He also has an art lessons section on his site in which he shows some of his techniques with acrylic paints. I especially liked the one about using dried acrylic glazes (or paint skins) for texture in his paintings. I've tried using paint skins myself in some of my paintings, but only leftover paints that had dried on my tray and resulted in some nice combinations I couldn't throw out. I can't see any harm in purposefully mixing up some paint skins for use in painting, especially if there's a possibility it could result in beautiful paintings like Micah produces.


Claudia ;D said...

What a neat idea, I love those blobs of paint that are left at the end of the tube with a whole in them and have incorporated them in paintings but so far ignored the skins on the tray. Thanks!
Love and peace
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Millionaire Maker said...

very nice.
Superb creativity....