New painting with paint "skins"

8" x 10" acrylic painting on Masonite

I wrote about Micah Mullen recently, an artist who uses paint skins in his work with marvelous effect. Naturally, I had to try my hand at manufacturing my own paint skins instead of relying on chance encounters on my palette. These came out extra thick, so I had to embed them in acrylic gel like mosaic tiles. There is obviously a technique involved in making sure the paint skins are the right thickness. I made these in an old cat food bowl, but I'm going to try a new palette I picked up the other day at Michael's which has several flat, rectangular wells. I've already made one which is hanging up on my bulletin board (I found out the hard way that you have to be careful about where you store them since they seem to stick to certain materials.) Anyway, here's my first painting with "manufactured" paint skins.


Julie B said...

Ohhh! This looks like it would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Gayle said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie. It was fun and I'm going to do some more of these!