New "Recycled" art painting

This painting has been torturing me for an eternity. It refuses to be conquered. I've been hacking away at it for longer than I care to remember. Today's foray into my tiny nemesis consisted of gluing failed fused plastic bags onto the canvas to see if I could destroy it once and for all and throw it in the garbage can without any guilt. My experiment with fusing plastic bags together didn't pan out that great, so I figured it would be perfect on this failed painting. I can become quite obsessive about some things--usually the more insignificant the better--and this painting is one of them.


marianne said...

i would love to see this from the start to now! i put a few of these up in the closet when i was cleaning last weekend.... but can never bear to toss them because inspiration might strike! i like it-

Gayle said...

Thanks Marianne. I have a hard time with letting go of things, but sometimes when I just don't care anymore and decide to destroy something once and for all it somehow comes together. Not often, but sometimes :-)