Glazing grisaille paintings

I have another class tonight in Old Master oil painting techniques. I've been working on glazing these two paintings the past week and I also finished a commission piece. I'm not sure they'll be dry enough to take into class to work on though. After setting them out in the sun to dry for the last two days, I was kind of horrified to see they were covered in lint or cat hair or maybe both. I can't fault our adopted yard cat if that's the case because we all know cats are obligated to inspect everything LOL.

I wasn't sure who painted the old guy in the frilly collar, so I posted a picture in and it came back and told me it was a Sir Anthony Van Dyke painting. I had heard about tineye from another artist who used it to find out a painting he had done had been "appropriated" for a book cover without his knowledge (or payment.) It seemed to work like a champ for my inquiry, but the site says it can't be relied upon in every case.

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