New painting of pugs, Bailey and Muggsy

Bailey and Muggsy, acrylic on canvas

I finished a double portrait of Bailey and Muggsy, two pugs, last week for my step-aerobics friend at the YMCA, Penny. It's a birthday present to her sister in Miami. Working from a black and white photo was a bit of a challenge, but she brought me a couple of color photos to give me some idea of their coloring. I wasn't sure if I had captured everything correctly, but was relieved when both Penny and her sister said they "loved it." To tell you the truth, I kind of fell in love with the rascals myself and grew attached to their distinguished, almost human-like features.

I have a make-up painting class at the Maitland Art Center tonight and Jerry and I also volunteered to put in some time their for their PARTcipation fund-raising event tonight. We've never been to one, but should be interesting to see the art being offered at the silent auction.


marianne said...

great job! funny- i always start my animals from black & white photos to be sure i get the tones right. but then, i don't paint them in "real" colors, either.

Penny said...

Wonderful job. Thanks again, Gayle. The colors are perfect and my sister loves the portrait.


Like the pugs ... what a nice birthday present!

Gayle said...

Thanks for all the comments. I definitely enjoyed working on Muggsy and Bailey. Your idea, Marianne, of working from B & W photos to get the tones right before adding color fits in with my current grisaille project at Maitland Art Center. I didn't think to convert my reference Van Dyke or Velasquez paintings to B & W before doing the grisaille underpainting, but I'm going to do that on my next project. It should make it easier to differentiate the tones.